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Welcome to the official Sleepy Sentry website! We’ll be posting updates on our upcoming games as well as other fun stuff relating to the development process in the blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

For those of you who don’t know us, Sleepy Sentry is a new indie game company from Turku, Finland. We are currently a 2-man team, and fully committed to creating fun and engaging games that deliver on all counts. Our first commercial game, Smee’s Space Race, is a fun and hectic arcade vertical scroller for Android devices. It is currently being finalized, and will be released in the near future.

Our future plans involve making further use of the techniques of interactive storytelling, as experimented with in our first game project Regicide which you can find on the Play Store. This is something of a specialization for us and we’re looking forward to explaining the process a bit more in depth as we go along. If you’re interested in the science or technology behind interactive storytelling, bookmark this page and visit every now and then!

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