Sleepy Sentry was originally founded in the summer of 2014 by Eero Itkonen and Juhani Kyrki, two computer science students at the University of Turku. While wrapping up their studies, the two founders worked on an Android game project that would later be transformed into Smee’s Space Race, the first commercial product of the studio. Before that they released the free storytelling game Regicide, which also provided the basis for the well regarded Master’s theses of the duo. Miska Isotalo joined the team in 2016, after originally working on Smee’s Space Race as a freelance artist. In the spring of 2016 the founders committed fully to Sleepy Sentry, and on 5.5.2016 Smee’s Space Race was launched on the Google Play Store.

In the summer of 2016, Sleepy Sentry took part in Startup Journey 2016, an accelerator program ran by Boost Turku. During the three-month program they created the first demo build of Stirring Abyss, a strategy / storytelling PC game inspired by the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft. Development has continued at a steady pace since then, and the next major milestone, a crowdfunding campaign, is in the plans for later in 2018.

As a small, independent game studio, Sleepy Sentry focuses on creating an engaging and fun gameplay experience for all players. The founders are avid gamers themselves, and that passion for gaming as a hobby allows the company to truly understand its customers. The biggest strength of the company comes in the form of experience and expertise in storytelling, a strength that is leveraged in full force through Stirring Abyss.

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