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Smee is a little monkey with big dreams. He wants to be the first of his kind to conquer space, and land on the moon itself! After weeks of gathering balloons, Smee finally has enough for launch. But he’ll soon find he’s not the only one flying through the atmosphere and beyond: dangers lurk behind every cloud, and he needs your help to make his dreams come true!

Smee’s Space Race is an intense arcade game that will push your reflexes to the limit, and force you to make tough decisions literally on the fly. Just tilt your device to help Smee collect balloons, bananas and power-ups to help you on your way. Evade mines, birds and countless other obstacles that threaten to pop your balloons and slow you down.

Gather Grapes and Gems as a reward for quick runs and completing challenges, and use them to unlock further content and upgrades for Smee to gain an advantage over other players as you battle for the top spot on global leaderboards!

Smee’s Space Race was made with the player in mind. All content can be unlocked without payments, and there are no artificial limitations to how much you can play. Ads are purely optional: you will never see an ad unless you choose to!