We have liftoff!


So we launched Smee’s Space Race, our first commercial release, a bit over a week ago. The week leading up to launch was just as insane as expected, and we ended up missing our deadline by a few hours, but we got there in the end. Not especially looking forward to another crunch like that, but you do what you gotta do.

We’ve plowed our way through a few bugs since then, mainly issues with the integration of Google services like the Play Games leaderboards and achievements, and the In-App Purchases system. Luckily we haven’t ran into any truly troublesome issues so far. The feedback from our players has been great; most people seem to enjoy the game, but we’ve also had some very useful constructive critcism. Some of this was already put in use when we made some of the early levels slightly easier. It’s easy to lose sight of what is and what isn’t challenging for a new player when you develop and test the game for months.

As for the future, we still have a couple of things in the pipeline for Smee. Hopefully we’ll be able to drum up a little hype and drive some more downloads. Towards the end of the month we’ll also be starting the design process of our next game, with more focus on interactive storytelling. We have some great ideas, so I’m really looking forward to seeing where we end up heading with the first prototypes.

We also got confirmation that we’ve been chosen to take part in the Boost Turku Startup Journey this summer. It’ll be an interesting experience for sure, especially as they have created a custom track for game companies. We also talked with the folks from Fakefish and Rockodile, two Turku game studios that have participated previously, and we’re confident that the program will be a great learning experience.

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